Sunday, August 1, 2010

Red, Black or Red and Black

These are the colours for the Sounds Live Choir. A very casual discussion of choir colours and loose reference to a logo have determined choir members will be dressed in red, black or red and black. We're not going to enforce black trousers and red lipstick...we won't be that strict. We'd really like the choir members to show their individuality through costume. Could be red shoes or black tie...could be a red beret (i've got one of those!). I wanted to do an historical and cultural snapshot of each colour in fashion, however Glynis Traill-Nash in the Essential Style of the Sydney Morning Herald has already done it for me. Thanks Glynis and I'm a huge fan of the Style pages. So here's what Glynis has to say about red (SMH, July 29th 2010, page 20)

"No other colour is as striking, as evocative and has as many contradictory meanings as red. It is said to represent (and, at times, incite) passion and has long been associated with women of ill repute and Satan. On the flip side, it is also associated with divinity, seen in biblical painings showing Jesus and Mary swathed in red robes. It is said to bring good luck in some cultures - Indian brides wear it on their big day and in China it is a most auspicious colour, representing health, happiness and prosperity, among other things. It is said that in 17th-century France, it represented power and Louis XIV liked to strut around in scarlet shoes to show off his shapely legs. Red's earliest dyes were created from the cochineal bug found in Mexican cactuses. Its great expense meant that only the wealthiest, most powerful and noble could affort its charms."

I hope the Sounds Live choir members take some inspiration from these words in choosing their shades of red to wear for our inaugural performance at the Local Stages soiree on Wednesday 18th August.

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