Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Time

After 10 weeks of weekly rehearsals and 2 singing workshops, the Sounds Live Choir is ready for its inaugural performance on Wednesday 18 Aug at the Local Stages Soiree in Bathurst.
More than 30 singers have gathered weekly to bash out notes and find their voices for this performance. Many of us have battled with winter illnesses (this winter in Bathurst has been harsh), unexpected heavy rains (flooded creeks and rivers have forced the closure of major roads), freezing cold temperatures (we could feel the snow in neighbouring Orange) to make it to rehearsal each Thursday night. Because when we get there and sing, everything seems better.
We had a final rehearsal on Sunday and the sound is great. Invite your friends to join us at 9pm (arrive early) in the Wattle Foyer at BMEC for our first public performance.

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