Tuesday, November 9, 2010

End of the Year

I've had a wonderful year singing with the Sounds Live Choir and coordinating our activities. Thankyou to every member of the choir for your dedication, comitment and voice. Thankyou to Tracey Callinan for your enthusiastic leadership, professional approach and sunny personality. We love you, Tracey. Looking forward to our party and singing again in 2011.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In Between

What was originally a ten week project to bring together a choir for the Sounds Live Festival has now evolved into an ongoing community choir. The enthusiasm and commitment from those who experienced the choir was overwhelmingly positive and our wonderful choir leader Tracey Callinan has agreed to stay with us. We performed at the Womindra World Music Festival in Canowindra to a wonderfully warm audience, the NAIDOC celebrations on a beautiful Spring day in the park, the Mayoral Reception for UN Day in Council Chambers, and the International Friendship Group Spring Party. Along the way we've learned wonderful songs, formed friendships, socialised together and ate some delicious food. In November the Sounds Live Choir was named a finalist in the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) annual radio awards 'The Voxies'. Sounds Live Choir was recognised in the 'Excellence in Community Participation' category.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The Sounds Live Choir opened the Sounds Live Cabaret on Saturday 25th September and what a great night we had. It was great to see everyone dress in the spirit of the 50's rock'n'roll theme and MC 'Bright Eyes' kept us laughing with his jokes, golf swing, multiple costume changes and bingo game. The dance floor was full all night with people rocking to Wes Pudsey & The Sonic Aces. Thanks Wes, what a great night. Sounds Live is a live music festival on the radio hosted by 2MCE community radio. This night was supported by Local Stages, Bathurst RSL, Charles Sturt University, Peter Gumpert Photography, The Naked Bud and Blue's Rock'n'Roll Dancing. Thanks to all those supporters and everyone who came to enjoy the night.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Great Soiree

The Sounds Live Choir gave its first public performance recently in Bathurst at the local stages soiree. It was a wet and cold night in Bathurst (I had to wear gum boots!). I thought "nobody will ever come out in this weather", but they did. The rain eased off as I arrived at the venue and the bell ringers were making beautiful sounds in the Carillion. A magical setting of light rain falling in the town and the bells ringing lifted my mood for the performance to come. There were already heaps of people in the venue and the choir members looked awesome in their black and red colours. We sang six songs (a 20minute set) and even got an encore. At one stage I turned around to look at the choir and every one of the choir singers was smiling. A great feeling and a great night. Here we are.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Time

After 10 weeks of weekly rehearsals and 2 singing workshops, the Sounds Live Choir is ready for its inaugural performance on Wednesday 18 Aug at the Local Stages Soiree in Bathurst.
More than 30 singers have gathered weekly to bash out notes and find their voices for this performance. Many of us have battled with winter illnesses (this winter in Bathurst has been harsh), unexpected heavy rains (flooded creeks and rivers have forced the closure of major roads), freezing cold temperatures (we could feel the snow in neighbouring Orange) to make it to rehearsal each Thursday night. Because when we get there and sing, everything seems better.
We had a final rehearsal on Sunday and the sound is great. Invite your friends to join us at 9pm (arrive early) in the Wattle Foyer at BMEC for our first public performance.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Red, Black or Red and Black

These are the colours for the Sounds Live Choir. A very casual discussion of choir colours and loose reference to a logo have determined choir members will be dressed in red, black or red and black. We're not going to enforce black trousers and red lipstick...we won't be that strict. We'd really like the choir members to show their individuality through costume. Could be red shoes or black tie...could be a red beret (i've got one of those!). I wanted to do an historical and cultural snapshot of each colour in fashion, however Glynis Traill-Nash in the Essential Style of the Sydney Morning Herald has already done it for me. Thanks Glynis and I'm a huge fan of the Style pages. So here's what Glynis has to say about red (SMH, July 29th 2010, page 20)

"No other colour is as striking, as evocative and has as many contradictory meanings as red. It is said to represent (and, at times, incite) passion and has long been associated with women of ill repute and Satan. On the flip side, it is also associated with divinity, seen in biblical painings showing Jesus and Mary swathed in red robes. It is said to bring good luck in some cultures - Indian brides wear it on their big day and in China it is a most auspicious colour, representing health, happiness and prosperity, among other things. It is said that in 17th-century France, it represented power and Louis XIV liked to strut around in scarlet shoes to show off his shapely legs. Red's earliest dyes were created from the cochineal bug found in Mexican cactuses. Its great expense meant that only the wealthiest, most powerful and noble could affort its charms."

I hope the Sounds Live choir members take some inspiration from these words in choosing their shades of red to wear for our inaugural performance at the Local Stages soiree on Wednesday 18th August.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a great singing workshop

WOW! What a great singing workshop we had with Rachel Hore this month. You all sounded fantastic. We worked on all the songs and really consolidated as a choir. How about those CWA ladies...delicious scones with jam and cream for morning tea worked for me. I've heard that the guys from the bass section have been getting together for extra sneaky rehearsals at Paul's house. Well done guys. You're the best and sound great. Not long till now our performance on August 18th at the local stages soiree to launch Sounds Live. Here's some pics from our singing workshop.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Did I mention our choir leader

We're starting to sound great as a choir and it's time to thank Tracey Callinan for her patience, professionalism and leadership in getting us to this point as a choir. Thanks Tracey. We have fun singing with you.

Rehearsal at BMEC

We love to sing

Here We Are

Workshop with Rachel Hore

After last rehearsal a few of us heard stories about Rachel's Wintersong workshop held in Leura July 2nd-4th. One lucky member of the Sounds Live Choir was able to get on the waiting list for the workshop and received a call from Rachel the week before the workshop saying there was one last place left. There were 91 keen vocalists at the Wintersong workshop, imprompu percussion performances and exhilerating singing. There is a second Wintersong workshop in August and you might be lucky enough to get on the waiting list for that one. Keep an eye on Rachel's website for next years workshops. They book out quickly.

The second Sounds Live Choir workshop with Rachel is Sunday 18th August 10am.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Party Invitation

The Sounds Live Choir is invited to join Sing Australia Bathurst for a dinner dance to celebrate their tenth birthday. The party is being held at Carrington House in Bathurst on Saturday 14th August at 6:30pm for a 7pm start. Cost is $50 per person for a night of grand vocal, gracious dancing and scrumptious food. Popular Bathurst band The Nodding Thistles will appear on the evening and there'll be lots of singing. Contact Sally or Bill on PO Box 988 Bathurst 2795 or email singbx10@gmail.com for more details. I'm sure the Sounds Live Choir can get a table together.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Acappella workshop in Bathurst

Just read the newsletter from Local Stages and was excited to see an acappella workshop is planned for Saturday August 7th at BMEC, 11am-12:3pm with The Fifth House. Cost is $25.

According to their website The Fifth House is a five-piece group from Sydney, Australia. Their unique style is a blend of world acappella music with a jazz texture. They create a truly distinctive sound that's immediately engaging and makes you FEEL GOOD just to hear.

Another great initiative from Local Stages for the Bathurst community.

For information about the workshop contact Box office 6333 6161 or visit BMEC.

Monday, June 28, 2010

the Songs

What a great sound we achieved from our last rehearsal. We started Rachel Hore's beautiful song "Sing You". Thanks to Rachel for giving us this song to learn and share. It got me thinking about songs and what makes a song resonate for a singer. Is it the words, rhythm or notes? Then I stumbled across the world's longest song project where a group of Aussie songwriters are attempting to write the world's longest song with the most number of contributors. Minister Peter Garrett penned the first line (and is responsible for some fantastic songs from his days with Midnight Oil). Other musicians who've contributed include Rob Forster, Lior, Bob Evans, Lisa Mitchell and Maya Jupiter. The world's longest song attempt will be be sung by Katie Noonan and muso Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab. You can add a line yourself. Visit the link. Perhaps the Sounds Live Choir could do our own songwriting attempt? Sing with you Thursday.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recording the Parts

Tracy and I spent a couple of hours in the studio yesterday recording the parts for the six songs we're working on. Having a practice cd really helps sometimes, even if you listen in the car or while cooking dinner. You can listen and sing along with your part over and over again.
Thanks to Mark Wallace for coming into the station on his day off to tidy up all the files and burn cds for everyone. Three cheers to Mark.

Singing on a Cold Winter Night

Rehearsals on Thursday sounded really good. After a cold, overcast and wet day in Bathurst it was lovely to get together with the choir and warm ourselves with song. The notes are really coming together and everyone is helping those who can't quite get the notes. We stood in a close circle at the end to sing through one last time and the four parts came together well. After my miserable day I went home feeling uplifted. Thanks everyone.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The choir comes together

Wow! What a fantastic first vocal workshop we had with Rachel Hore on Sunday. My head was spinning afterwards, but slowly over the past 24 hours I've found myself humming new songs. We swayed, clapped, cheered, sang and shared a few hours together on a cool Sunday morning in Bathurst.

And what a great turn out. We had 35 people come together for that first workshop. Welcome to the Sounds Live Choir Meghan, Deirdre, Chris, Paul, Marls, Tere, Isibella, Jae, Adell, Helen, Rosemary, Christine, Therese, Peggy, Mal, Lesley, Snow, Briony, Sophie, Sally, Pauline, Michael, Ann, Catherine, Bruce, Vaenthan, Fiona, Helen, Gwynne, Karin, Dione, Marcela, Maree, Tracy and Rachel.

Our sound was great. See you all on Thursday.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A choir festival

The Sounds Live community choir is a project supported through the Local Stages program at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC). It's a group of ordinary people coming together to acheive something extroadinary. Just like some of these people at the Blackheath Choir Festival.

The Choir comes together

The Sounds Live choir will come together for the first time on Sunday 6th June for our first vocal workshop with Rachel Hore. About 24 people are registered for the choir, but let's hope for more on the day. Am looking forward to singing again.