Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Great Soiree

The Sounds Live Choir gave its first public performance recently in Bathurst at the local stages soiree. It was a wet and cold night in Bathurst (I had to wear gum boots!). I thought "nobody will ever come out in this weather", but they did. The rain eased off as I arrived at the venue and the bell ringers were making beautiful sounds in the Carillion. A magical setting of light rain falling in the town and the bells ringing lifted my mood for the performance to come. There were already heaps of people in the venue and the choir members looked awesome in their black and red colours. We sang six songs (a 20minute set) and even got an encore. At one stage I turned around to look at the choir and every one of the choir singers was smiling. A great feeling and a great night. Here we are.

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