Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Acappella workshop in Bathurst

Just read the newsletter from Local Stages and was excited to see an acappella workshop is planned for Saturday August 7th at BMEC, 11am-12:3pm with The Fifth House. Cost is $25.

According to their website The Fifth House is a five-piece group from Sydney, Australia. Their unique style is a blend of world acappella music with a jazz texture. They create a truly distinctive sound that's immediately engaging and makes you FEEL GOOD just to hear.

Another great initiative from Local Stages for the Bathurst community.

For information about the workshop contact Box office 6333 6161 or visit BMEC.

Monday, June 28, 2010

the Songs

What a great sound we achieved from our last rehearsal. We started Rachel Hore's beautiful song "Sing You". Thanks to Rachel for giving us this song to learn and share. It got me thinking about songs and what makes a song resonate for a singer. Is it the words, rhythm or notes? Then I stumbled across the world's longest song project where a group of Aussie songwriters are attempting to write the world's longest song with the most number of contributors. Minister Peter Garrett penned the first line (and is responsible for some fantastic songs from his days with Midnight Oil). Other musicians who've contributed include Rob Forster, Lior, Bob Evans, Lisa Mitchell and Maya Jupiter. The world's longest song attempt will be be sung by Katie Noonan and muso Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab. You can add a line yourself. Visit the link. Perhaps the Sounds Live Choir could do our own songwriting attempt? Sing with you Thursday.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recording the Parts

Tracy and I spent a couple of hours in the studio yesterday recording the parts for the six songs we're working on. Having a practice cd really helps sometimes, even if you listen in the car or while cooking dinner. You can listen and sing along with your part over and over again.
Thanks to Mark Wallace for coming into the station on his day off to tidy up all the files and burn cds for everyone. Three cheers to Mark.

Singing on a Cold Winter Night

Rehearsals on Thursday sounded really good. After a cold, overcast and wet day in Bathurst it was lovely to get together with the choir and warm ourselves with song. The notes are really coming together and everyone is helping those who can't quite get the notes. We stood in a close circle at the end to sing through one last time and the four parts came together well. After my miserable day I went home feeling uplifted. Thanks everyone.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The choir comes together

Wow! What a fantastic first vocal workshop we had with Rachel Hore on Sunday. My head was spinning afterwards, but slowly over the past 24 hours I've found myself humming new songs. We swayed, clapped, cheered, sang and shared a few hours together on a cool Sunday morning in Bathurst.

And what a great turn out. We had 35 people come together for that first workshop. Welcome to the Sounds Live Choir Meghan, Deirdre, Chris, Paul, Marls, Tere, Isibella, Jae, Adell, Helen, Rosemary, Christine, Therese, Peggy, Mal, Lesley, Snow, Briony, Sophie, Sally, Pauline, Michael, Ann, Catherine, Bruce, Vaenthan, Fiona, Helen, Gwynne, Karin, Dione, Marcela, Maree, Tracy and Rachel.

Our sound was great. See you all on Thursday.